Finding the Right Structured Cabling Infrastructure


If data is the lifeblood of your business, then your network cabling represents the arteries that keep your operation running and functioning optimally. Network cabling is of tremendous importance to your business because it’s the foundation of your digital presence. Without adequate network cabling, digital data grinds to a halt, dragging your entire business down with it. That’s why staying on top of your network cabling infrastructure is a key business responsibility that often requires the hiring of a network cabling firm to manage.  

But finding the best network cabling company in New York is only part of the equation. You must also decide which type of cabling infrastructure will best complement your business goals and help meet your current and future needs. By understanding your infrastructure needs and which type of cabling structure will help you accomplish your goals, you can avoid overcomplicating your network while still creating a robust infrastructure. Keep reading to learn more about how you can find the right structured cabling infrastructure for your business needs.

Know Your Needs

Before you can even start your quest for the right type of network cabling infrastructure for your business, you need to understand your current needs. For example, if your business primarily uses its network for interoffice transmissions and emails, your needs will be dramatically different than if you routinely videoconference and conduct streaming seminars that require super high-speed data connections. For example, if your company uses a VoIP phone system, WiFi cameras, or access doors that rely on cabling, you will need Category 6 or higher cabling to facilitate all those functions. If your business will only need business connectivity for internet, email, and standard hardware, however, Category 5 cabling may be all you need. Your network cabling may also need to incorporate robust security system features such as live high definition video, or you may need industrial grade cabling in a manufacturing environment that is shielded from interference or the elements. Make a list of how the network will be used, what hardware will be incorporated, and what environmental factors may impact performance before you begin selecting an infrastructure.

Think About the Future

Cable Infrastructure

While considering your current network needs is critical when choosing the right infrastructure, it’s equally as important to think about how your network may be used in the future as well. Your network represents a significant investment in your business, and it makes sense that it should be primed for growth alongside your company. Therefore, think about your plans for the next five years when deciding on network infrastructure. If rapid expansion is on the table, it makes sense to have your network designed for scalability so that it can easily be built out to accommodate your growing needs. Network cabling companies can help design an infrastructure that will save you money as your company grows because your infrastructure can simply be built out rather than rebuilt when expansion occurs.

Copper or Fiber?

In the field of network cabling, you have two primary options for data transmission and subcategories within each type. Data transmission either occurs over copper-based cabling that uses electrical signals to transmit data or fiber optic cabling that uses light to transmit information. There are many advantages to fiber, such as its immunity to external interference, it’s ability to transmit a high-quality signal over great distances, and its greater bandwidth. However, it’s significantly more expensive than traditional copper-based cabling, so it’s important to assess whether fiber’s benefits will outweigh the cost when considering which type of cabling to use.

Structured network cabling represents a significant investment in your business, so it’s important to consider these factors before deciding which type you need for your business. By diligently researching and selecting a network cabling infrastructure, you can make sure that you get the right network cabling to meet your current needs while allowing for future expansion. To learn more about choosing the right network cabling infrastructure, contact Maximum Cabling at (718) 414-2426.